Beispiel für Signaletik

Orientation, wayfinding and identity in space

The route becomes the destination


Signage is more than simple signage:
Our guidance systems provide information, orientation, wayfinding and give places and spaces an identity.

We plan, develop and design unique and user-centered guidance systems, orientation systems and branding for interiors, buildings and exteriors.


77 %

of people use their smartphone or navigation system to get from A to B*.

100 %

of people have ever gotten lost in a building.


*24.03.2021 University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich

Signage makes places easier to experience and enhances them

Places that are clearly identifiable places with a good infrastructure are better accepted by users. An orientation system visualizes the character of a place and its offerings and allowing them to be experienced.

Additionally, branding in buildings helps create a consistent and cohesive image across different spaces such as offices, retail stores, and event venues. Branding in buildings helps reinforce brand identity and create a consistent experience for customers or visitors.

Guidance and orientation systems are an important part of the visual identity. We translate existing corporate design specifications into space and design targeted orientation systems.



A systematic concept for wayfinding in the building helps visitors to reach their destination without detours.



Branding in buildings helps establish and reinforce the values of a company or organization. A consistent and recognizable brand image can create a sense of trust and familiarity among customers or visitors.



A significant orientation system becomes a positive identifier and reflects identity.

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