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Your business depends on beating your competitors in the online marketplace, and the most successful digital marketing campaigns employ a wide range of digital marketing and communications techniques. At Isarnauten, we provide state-of-the-art digital marketing and communications expertise to research your audience, and target prospective customers. We identify, analyse and strategically develop the right channels for your marketing campaigns, and provide a single source of expertise to generate business and beat your competitors online.


Winning Web pages

Holding your website visitors’ interest is one of your greatest challenges. Customers take a lot of convincing, and website content must attract and engage potential clients. No business wants high web page bounce rates! Our innovative and individual designs, using the latest programming technology ensure your website is tailored to the needs of your target group, and our content experts ensure that your web pages are engaging as well. We create responsive, high-performance web pages, optimized for all mobile devices, that keep search engines happy.


Google Ads

Today, Google Ads are a driving force for the majority of businesses around the globe. Some believe that Google Ads are essential for boosting an organisation’s online presence and deeper penetration of a target group on the Internet. At Isarnauten we see the power in using Google Ads strategically, to complement a range of digital communications and reach a defined geographic target audience.


Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is at the heart of all online marketing, and a core competency at Isarnauten. We take the sophisticated world of SEO and design campaigns to raise awareness of your brand on the internet, promoting your organisation through Google results using the most relevant search terms. We conduct comprehensive keyword analysis for your website and industry, and use this research to define a bespoke strategy for content creation and SEO. On-Page and Off-Page optimization are two ways in which you can influence your web site’s page ranking, for example, encouraging backlinks from other sites to increase your web site’s credibility and success. Through Google My Business among others, driving local SEO is achieved successfully, in a cost-effective manner.


Social Media Marketing

Social networks provide an excellent platform to reach and engage with target groups, and unleash business development potential. Social media research and analysis enables us to develop a precise strategy, and highly focused social selling on social networks. Eye-catching social media campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing and Sweepstakes are one method for deep marketing and sales engagement. In addition, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and content creation on other social networks may be linked to other search-friendly features such as video or special landing pages. Isarnauten run social media workshops for you and your colleagues to help you formulate a ‘social’ sales and marketing plan of attack, and unlock your company’s potential.

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