Newly-founded REMARKABLE Intelligence is an exclusive service provider in the field of business intelligence. It specialises in forensic background analysis and the discovery of strategic information. What may sound like a spy thriller is the day-to-day business of our client, who hunts down key information for world-famous brands and private individuals. In addition to developing a website, ISARNAUTEN was entrusted with the design of a logo, brand guidelines, printed marketing materials and other special features.


After a detailed customer briefing, our team developed detailed brand guidelines using words and images with values that complement the company in every respect. The client's special requests also included a video clip on the home page of their web site, as well as a secure and discreet registration process for web site visitors. The various services of the client, REMARKABLE Compliance, REMARKABLE Research, REMARKABLE Investigations and REMARKABLE Forensics are clearly defined, with their own logo, on the website and presented in detail. Case studies appear on specially developed sub-pages under each of the services. This provides registered users with a glimpse of the options open to them.


The bilingual website went online as planned, including all the specified features, and is now providing the newly-founded company with a face to the outside world. It is compelling, with a carefully crafted design, and imagery that is inspired by the client. REMARKABLE Intelligence and ISARNAUTEN continue to work together successfully, developing the organisation’s printed marketing materials, and continuously optimising the website.

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