Adlatus Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbh is an owner-managed tax firm based in Munich. The consulting firm has long since taken the step towards a digital office and is very open to modern ways of communication and data processing. To ensure that the firm's Internet presence is also up to date, we were commissioned to relaunch the website. In addition to an appealing and modern appearance, our client was also interested in creating a very binding, personal approach. Because in the public presentation of many tax firms, the human factor is easily lost in all the listed benefits in kind. Last but not least, the new website had to be designed attractively enough to serve as a platform for future recruiting campaigns.


We decided to implement a responsive Typo3 website. For this, we chose a visually appealing, yet restrained design that harmonizes well with the self-image of our client. To fill the website with life, we did a photo shoot and filming in the office beforehand. The focus was clearly on the employees, not so much on the premises. By showing the people behind the firm's name, we support the employees' self-identification with the company and create a sympathetic bridge with new clients and new employees. The resulting recruiting film serves as the central element of a comprehensive recruiting campaign and can be found, among other places, on the landing page created for it. For continuous interaction with the clients, there is a news section with info letters on current tax law developments and dates.


The web relaunch took place at the beginning of December 2022. As the client told us, the employees are proud of how their firm, themselves and their work are now presented online. At the same time as the new website, a social recruiting campaign was launched as planned - because tax consulting thrives on qualified professionals, which are rare even in Munich.

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