Brasserie de L’Abbaye D’Aulne, is located some distance from the river Isar in the beautiful Belgian countryside. There, they produce a beverage that is also well known and greatly appreciated in Munich – namely beer. In this case, speciality beers brewed since 1950 on the site of a former Cistercian abbey in the Val de Sambre in Belgium. Our customer is completely committed to the monastic brewing tradition, while their marketing approach is completely committed to the modern age, and increasing Brand Awareness to a diverse global market.

At Isarnauten, we needed to meet the challenges in product image, brand design and communication. The actual challenge lay in the development of a range of product designs and images to suit the portfolio of products, and that would also speak to the company’s global market and target groups.


For the various Brasserie de L’Abbaye D’Aulne brands we both refined existing designs and provided new branding. These designs were run through a wide range of different advertising materials. For example:

Cherie: Product flyer and realisation of POS materials (posters, roll-ups, exhibition displays, banners), image research, photo shoots and product photography.

Helecine: Development of a new product label for the beer types (Blonde, Brune, Triple Blonde, Triple Brune). Development of the word Helecine as a trademark. Differentiation of beers within this range through coordinated colour coding, the design communicating the character of a Trappist beer.

Blanche de Charleroi: A fresh colour scheme for the branding of labels, beer mats and beer tap labels.

Seasonal Beers: Packaging design for four seasonal ales: Christmas Beer, Spring Beer, Summer Beer, Grand Reserve, with designs in contemporary watercolour and creative lettering, according to the colours of the season.
In addition, we produced gift bags for the Christmas Beer, bottled in corked, sleeved champagne bottles for an innovative twist. In addition, development and production of POS materials and multilingual brochures to support sales initiatives.


The beers advertised are sold worldwide. The product line Cherie enjoys great popularity in China, and this has led to the launch of another flavour; raspberry. Here in Europe, the Christmas Beer has been a great success in Germany. The other speciality beers await their season, with all sales and marketing collateral ready for the marketplace.

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