ISARNAUTEN was asked to create a new global logo identity in 2018 for g.a.s.t. – the Society for Academic Study Preparation and Test Development. g.a.s.t. develops language and study suitability tests for university entrance, and is a specialist in software development testing procedures and e-learning. g.a.s.t. offers various courses for people learning German under different brand names: TestDaF, onSET, TestAS and DUO (German-Uni Online).


The new logos created by the ISARNAUTEN team communicate a unified, coherent brand image for the guest products TestDaF, onSET, TestAS and DUO, which is supported by the company’s new graphic style including a clearer font. The main g.a.s.t logo stands above the products as an umbrella brand and unites them as a cohesive group. The previous design element of a simple square has been dynamically reinterpreted, and optimized for use in print and web.


The new, coordinated g.a.s.t. logos create a consistent and coherent brand image, which is used throughout all printed materials and web pages. ISARNAUTEN won the German Agency Award 2019 in the ‘Logo’ category for the quality of these designs. The g.a.s.t. corporate branding guidelines are due to be completed by the beginning of 2020 and, due to the futuristic characteristics of the logo designs already completed, all other g.a.s.t. business areas can be drawn together with branding that echoes the same look and feel.

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