The ski and wellness Hotel Bergwelt is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters in Obergurgl, at the foot of the ski slopes. There are a large number of 4-star hotels in the Tyrolean Ötztal which creates a fiercely competitive market. The critical question was; how could Hotel Bergwelt differentiate itself from its local competitors?

The challenge for Isarnauten was to communicate the Bergwelt hotel offering, and special features, to the various target customer groups in an attractive and straightforward way – whilst standing out from other quality hotels in the immediate area.

Our primary objective was to create a presence for the Hotel Bergwelt online, communicating the philosophy, values and warm welcoming atmosphere of the hotel and the family who own Bergwelt.
Our secondary objective was to ensure that our client’s key messages were communicated uniformly across all communication media and channels.


Working in close collaboration with the Hotel owners, we developed a strong value proposition and selected an appropriate ‘look’ with visual elements that represent the Hotel and its core values.
In a multi-day photo shoot, all areas of the Hotel; rooms, restaurants and wellness area were photographed.

Based on the new marketplace positioning, the team at Isarnauten developed a new web site from concept to launch, using rich content and Typo3 implementation. We also rebranded the Hotel with a new logo, and the development and implementation of a social media strategy on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Having identified the target group and the relevant content required, we created advertising campaigns on Facebook, increasing the click-through rate and optimizing Bergwelt’s online presence within various hotel portals, partner websites, and catalogues. In addition, a ‘smart’ Bergwelt brochure, which included our image redesign, was implemented in parallel.


Hotel Bergwelt now reaches its target groups across different communication channels with a uniform appearance and message. Through social media marketing, the Isarnauten team significantly increased website traffic in the first quarter after launch. During the same quarter, Bergwelt Facebook ‘likes’ increased from an average of 700 to 4,700.

Our client’s new high-quality branding and imagery has made Bergwelt stand out on partner sites in a highly competitive marketplace.

Returning Bergwelt customers and potential new guests continue to increase their interaction, using the different online channels. Guests, who are familiar with Bergwelt’s high quality service, are now able to share positive feedback and enthusiasm for the new look and feel of the Bergwelt brand. This engagement is a testimony to Bergwelt’s brand, and to the work of the Isarnauten team.

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