The stated corporate goal of our client ehret+klein from Starnberg is nothing less than better cities. By creatively transforming, revitalizing and recognizing the urban potential of inner cities, a new identity is to be created for the local people. As a project developer, ehret+klein also provides forward-looking solutions for entire new districts that all local stakeholders can rely on. In addition to a strictly confidential brochure to present a planned project, ISARNAUTEN was also entrusted with the design of various campaign logos and associated brandings, sales brochures and project websites.

Am Papierbach in Landsberg am Lech


When relaunching the website, particular emphasis was placed on reducing it to the essentials, taking into account user-friendliness and addressing specific target groups. With over 650 apartments and various commercial areas in 9 construction phases, the website needed to remain clear, while highlighting the advantages of each construction phase and the entire neighborhood. Moving-images and interactive elements also create an emotional and tangible impression.



The highly confidential booklet was designed at record speed and printed and realized with numerous special processing requirements. In addition to laser cutting, hot foil stamping was applied to the cover. The inner section was printed on high-quality thick Munken Lynx and transparent papers and bound by hand.


Mantelhaus Köln


We were asked to design a logo for the revitalization of a listed building from the 1950s. The timeless logo combines the project name and a graphically reduced pattern from the façade design of the building. When choosing the typeface, we turned to the leading provider of retro design fonts inspired by 1950s pop culture. The color combination of black and gold as a gradient runs through the entire design concept.

Maschinenhaus München Schwabing


pace meets the future. Here, too, we were asked to design a project logo and visual identity. Where once the energy for the Schwabing hospital was provided in steaming boilers and pipes, a lively building is now being created in a sensitive approach to the past - with open office space and stylish restaurants. The listed façade and its windows, from which the logo is derived, will be retained. In addition to a project website and brochure, ISARNAUTEN also produced other sales support materials.


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