Sonja Becker sees her international executive coaching as a "Radar for Leaders". This radar for decision-makers is intended to give entrepreneurs and global players orientation for new goals, innovations and creative power. It is based on insights of "Humanistic Psychology" and includes a profound self-transformation as mental growth within an active self-realization. The well-known leadership mentor serves a very complex topic - consequently, an Internet presence with content that is as multi-layered as it is extensive was required, which should clearly stand out from the competition in the coaching industry. The target group is largely male and consists of demanding, methodically experienced interested parties who prefer a high-level and meaningful presentation. In addition, it should also be clearly communicated that Sonja Becker's coaching is an exclusive service in the premium category.


The concept of "Radar for Leaders" is based on the special personality of Sonja Becker. The collaboration with our client was correspondingly close. For her range of services, we developed a logo consisting of her initials and a corporate design. We designed the website to suit the target group and implemented it according to a comprehensive design concept. In order to create a sustainable image concept, we did not shy away from extensive research - and thus found a sovereign visual language in which our client as well as the target group can recognize themselves. The website for "Radar for Leaders" was implemented in Typo3. At the same time, we designed and produced business stationery.


"Radar for Leaders" is now presented by a website that is convincing in terms of both content and design. Despite the extensive content, we found an aesthetic solution to attract new customers with an appealing appearance. In doing so, we took care not to create a classic coaching website, but were guided by the most modern marketing knowledge. For example, Sonja Becker's website serves as a basis for LinkedIn marketing. And since she addresses a global clientele, we will realize a webdependance in English in the next step.

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